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A Whole New Life

Lucia Giovannini’s Best Seller finally available in English

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Do You Ever Wish Your Life
Were Different?

Do you ever feel the need to have more time, to change your job, or to move to another city?

If, to make life a little better, you knew exactly what to change in your lifestyle, your behaviour, in yourself, or in your relationships, would you go ahead and do it?

If you wish to follow your heart but don’t know where to start, this book will speak to both your mind and your feelings. If you’re looking for a practical solution, it will provide the tools you need to finally choose the life you’ve always wanted. If you feel that change is too hard, complicated, or altogether impossible, this book will help you through it in a step-by-step and
easy-to-understand manner.

A Whole New Life talks about dreams and how to turn them into achievable goals, how to develop flexibility without losing your sense of direction, and how to identify and eliminate
mechanisms that bring us to a standstill, that evoke fear and anxiety and hinder our full self-realization.

This book is first a promise, then an idea, a series of steps and, in the end, a reality.

It’s Time to TRULY


so You Can Have a
Happier, More Fulfilled Life!

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