A journey outside and inside yourself to bring Balance and Energy to your body, Peace in your mind, Connection to your heart.


Spirituality, Vitality, Wellbeing in the Island of the Gods, Ubud-Bali

A Whole New Journey!
An 8-Day Experience In The Spiritual Center Of Bali To Find Yourself

A journey to rejuvenate your body and mind, let go of all the stress, worries, and anxieties.

Get ready to go home full of peace and joy, connected with an infinite source of well-being.

A profound all-inclusive experience to leave the hectic pace of daily life behind, connect to your soul, tune into your more profound wisdom, and Discover the secrets to manifesting your intentions and desires,

To function at our best, we humans need to reconnect to our spirit, to the energy of life that dwells in each of us, and that too often we forget to honor Losing this kind of connection means losing the relationship with ourselves, and when this happens every area of our lives is affected.

Inside Yourself, There Is A Beautiful World Yet To Be Discovered …

New Awarenesses Yet To Acquire

The search for your true self
It is the key to connect with the true value of your life.

For this reason, during this retreat, you will experience ancient purification ceremonies and sacred blessings in temples performed by Balinese monks, meditations in an uncontaminated nature, as well as A whole new life® personal development practices (and of course free time for yourself to relax, chill out and have fun!)

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Another journey: Spirituality, Vitality, Wellness® in Bali

The mere mention of Bali evokes thoughts of a paradise. It’s more than a place; it’s a mood, an aspiration, a tropical state of mind.
The island volcanoes hold the energy of change and transformation that’s why it’s the perfect place to create your a whole new life.

The rich and diverse culture of Bali plays out at all levels of life, from the exquisite flower-petal offerings placed everywhere, to the processions of joyfully garbed locals shutting down major roads as they march to one of the myriad temple ceremonies, to the otherworldly traditional music and dance performed island-wide. Almost everything here has spiritual meaning.

Ubud has always been the spiritual and cultural center of Bali.

An ancient village, full of temples, art and crafts surrounded by rice fields and tropical forests, Ubud has become famous with the movie Eat Pray and Love and is the most popular destination for writers, artists, and travelers. In recent years it has been defined by various spiritual leaders the energetic navel of the world , and this is precisely the impression you have when you get here.

In addition to all this, in Ubud, you will find great yoga and detox centers, cooking classes, excellent massages, & spas, traditional healers, flea markets, traditional dance shows, fantastic local crafts.

A profound healing experience in one of the most ancient and sacred places on earth to :

  • Leave the hectic pace of daily life behind
  • Tune into the peace of present-moment awareness
  • Re-connect with your true essence and inner strength
  • Develop a new healthier relationship with food
  • Develop a strong spiritual connection
  • Discover who you truly are
  • Manifest your dreams and desires
  • Let go of the past and go back home reborn
  • Experience a profound sense of joy, satisfaction, well-being


The purpose of this course is to reconnect to your divine nature so that you can consciously create a life that is full of abundance, happiness, health, well-being, love, and purpose.

If you knew you could have it all and do anything you wanted, what would you choose to have and do?

The course will enable you to

  • LOVE: learn to love yourself on all levels and manifest the life you want
  • PRAY: : honor the divine that is in each of us and fully expresses your strength and potentialities.
  • EAT: acquire a broad and rooted awareness of what you eat

These three elements are essential to lay the foundations of a healthy lifestyle, and that’s why they will be the central theme of this extraordinary journey

A Whole New Journey
What you will experience

  • Daily meditation sessions
  • Daily practice of Chi-kung and Tai-chi to allow you to gain strength and focus
  • “A Whole New Life” Method daily teachings
  • A traditional therapeutic massage in a traditional family spa among the rice fields
  • Blessing ceremonies (at least one, depending on the moon phases)with brahmins
  • Healing ceremonies with traditional healers
  • Temple of the sacred waters traditional purification ceremony
  • Visit of Gunung Kawi, one of the island’s oldest temples, located at the foot of a holy mountain
  • Visit of Elephant Cave, an archaeological site of significant historical and energetic value
  • Activities and visits will alternate with workshop sessions
  • In addition to enjoying the relaxation of unspoiled nature, there will be a surprise trip!

“O man! Travel from yourself to yourself.”
Discover how to Let Go Of Fears And Anxiety, Live With Renewed Energy And Strength, Re-Connect with Yourself And with The World. Manifest your Dreams

Next dates August 20-27

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They say about this course

The island is magical, and living it through this incredible journey with beautiful people has created a super unique atmosphere. I learned … maybe it is better to say I have found, many things that are still are revealing themselves today. I found a new reconnection with those sides of me that I had buried under the carpet. In the group, I discoveredacceptance, availability, and special friendships that I know will last forever. The teachings Lucia and Nicola managed to communicate ( Lucia even just with her eyes) are fantastic and fully transforming. Living together, playing and meditating together is magic. It is indeed a holiday that changes you. And the benefits continue even later. It’s a journey, inside and out, that I can recommend to anyone

Mariella Macchi


This course is a fantastic experience! In a relaxed climate and amidst a beautiful nature I learned how to make my choices following the criteria of abundance and wealth, how to love myself unconditionally and how to trust life. This gives me a tremendous inner serenity and a high strength in continuing this beautiful journey! I felt genuinely welcomed by a community of different people, but walking together towards an exciting goal: to seek and become the best version of ourselves! Many thanks to all!

Diego Zannoli


I left for this trip with the intent of finding myself and changing some aspects of personality and my behavior in my closest relationships. I returned with a baggage full of emotions, illuminations, connections, memories. Combining spiritual practices, pilgrimages and ceremonies with powerful work on yourself are what in my opinion distinguishes thisworkshop from all others. I also appreciated the practices of chi kung and meditation. It was the first time I took a course with Lucia and Nicola, and I must say that the A whole new life method made the difference. Unfortunately, it is difficult to describe in words the emotions, feelings experienced during each day.

Cinzia Regalbuto


I decided to participate in this trip as a way to celebrate myself. The idea was to visit a place I had always wanted to see and a way to continue on the path of my personal growth. It was a journey far beyond my expectations, a journey where I experienced flexibility, I overcame some of my mental limitations, I received so many teachings. I met wonderful people with whom I shared unforgettable moments. It’s an experience that I wholeheartedly recommend to all those who want a whole new life.
The journey is deep and fun, in contact with nature and its wonders, in a culture as unique and mystical as the Balinese one.

Debora Bicchi


Love, Pray Eatis a journey, or preferably two. The first trip is that of the body, which rises boldly on a plane, and descends soft and weakened after nineteen hours of flight. The second journey is that of the soul. Be careful, however, that the latter can not be realized without the first, just as the mind would not have its manifestation without the body. For this reason, you will start each new day with chi kung, which allows the awakening of the body and the alignment of the mind. You will calm your stream of thoughts with meditation, and then you can nudge on the path of the second journey to touch your soul, dig deep, and rebalance your energies. You will clash with the past and argue with the future, all in favor of the here and now, the present moment, as fleeting as the most intense light of a match, but equally passionate, profound and real. You will receive and give as many hugs as you have never seen before. I’m not referring to fake hugs, those for pleasantries, I speak of authentic hugs, intense and full of energy, the kind of hugs that allow contactbeyond the body.You will forgive. At a certain point you will cry, but what are tears if not condensed emotions, because they have been blocked for too long? You will breathe the magic of the island of Bali, its people and its culture. You will participate in ceremonies and immerse yourself in the most sacred waters, leave your past in the forest temple and find your future goals in the cave temple. Eight days will seem to fly, but at the same time they will look like a whole life, love will become a real essence and you will come back a little wiser, but with the energy that only a rebirth can give. This was my trip to Bali.

Alessio Sardella


Lucia Giovannini


The first memories of my life are set in Africa, where I lived most of my childhood and adolescence, immersed in the pain and beauty of that unforgettable land.
In Europe I then worked as a model but, having reached the peak of my career, I left everything behind.Too strong was the call to interiority, to the essential values of life, the desire to try to improve the conditions of every living being and contribute to the evolution of this planet is too high.
From this comes my passion and profession.


Doctorate in Psychology and Counseling Bachelor in PsychoAntropology Master Trainer of Firewalking Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Neuro-Semantics (US ISNS) Certified Coach (ACMC Usa) Breathwork Master Trainer International Affiliate of the American Psychological Association.


Lucia is the Heal Your Life Louise Hay method for Italy and Italian Switzerland,prestigious international media often define Lucia like The Times of India, Marie France Asia or La Stampa Italy: “the Italian Louise Hay.”Founder of the A whole new life® method, co-founder of BlessYou International, co-director of the NLP and Coaching School LUCE® Free University of Evolutionary Growth, coordinator of Western Europe of the Facilitators of the Labyrinth Veriditas USA.

Author of over 13 books including the best sellers, translated into several languages: “A wholenew LIfe”, “I deserve the best,” “Free your life,” “Raw food is ready,” and numerous CDs and DVDs, which have helped thousands of people to live better.In her work there is a particular synergy between psychology, motivational practices, and ancient rituals, making her seminars something unique and original.She is consistently sought by groups and companies because of her great seminars and known for the clarity, sincerity, and inspiration of her formidable work.“I’ve always tried to improve myself and the life of those around me: people, animals, the planet. I have always worked for the rights of those who have no voice, a commitment taken as a child under the sky of Africa, a promise that I try to honorevery day” “

Nicola Riva


As a child I was curious and a dreamer, and like many I thought I would be an astronaut when I grew up. Growing up I studied and gained experience in various fields, until when I was thirty, I felt the need to know deeply who I was, what my real talents were and how I could express them to develop my greater self. Having done it on me, obtaining results that I would never have imagined before, I decided to put my knowledge also at the service of others. Today, helping people realize is my passion, and profession. I get up every morning to challenge the status quo so people can make a difference in their personal and professional lives.


Degree in Law Doctorate in Psychology-Counseling Master Trainer of Firewalking Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Neuro-Semantics (ISNS) and Executive Coach (ACMC) Rebirther professional Advanced Teacher Louise Hay Black belt 1st dan of Karate and Tai-Chi


Lawyer Technical-scientific consultant of the University of Padua, Department of Economics Teaching for Il Sole 24 ORE (Training24Ore) of negotiation and communication courses
International Affiliate of the American Psychological Association (APA) Co-founder of BlessYou! Co-director of the NLP School and Coaching LUCE® Free University of Evolutionary Growth Co-director of the Italian Institute of Neuro-Semantics Author of “Easy Negotiation” Sperling & Kupfer editions

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