Discover How to Unlock Your Hidden Gift to
Manifest a Life of Greater Joy, Love & Abundance

Unleash Your Hidden Power to Overcome Challenges &
Magnetically Attract Your Dreams

Lucia Giovannini invites you on a 4-week journey to raise the vibrational
energy of your self-esteem, which will unlock your hidden capability
to manifest your dreams with more ease, flow, and joy.

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  • Experience more satisfaction from progress and success in anything they pursue;
  • Are more likely to reach a sense of mastery when pursuing their goals;
  • Are self-reliant and have better decision-making skills in both their professional and personal areas of life;
  • Experience happier relationships with the people in their lives.

In summary, research has shown that a healthy self-esteem is one of the strongest predictors of overall life satisfaction. But how do you actually build healthy self-esteem?

Did you know that the root
cause of any problem or issue
is usually low self-esteem?

Low self-esteem can be a significant contributor to many of life’s challenges… from struggles in relationships and marriages, problems with colleagues or family members, struggles with health and weight, obstacles to promotions or job opportunities, and even financial difficulties.

Many people think that having a healthy self-esteem is a result of a happy, prosperous, and successful life. But this is not true.

A healthy self-esteem is actually a magnet for joy, abundance, health, and
much more.

It is the prerequisite for — not the result of — a fulfilled life. Numerous research have shown that those with a healthy self-esteem:

  • Recover faster and heal more thoroughly from misfortunes, problems, setbacks, and adversity;
  • Tackle and solve difficult problems with persistence and gratitude;
  • Handle stress better and are less affected by negative experiences;
  • Are more courageous in life and are not held back by past or anticipated failures;

Beware of the Illusion of High Self-Esteem!

First, it’s important you understand the difference between a healthy self-esteem and an illusionary high self-esteem.

An illusionary high self-esteem is a trap many of us fall into because society conditioned us to validate our self-worth based on external achievements.

From big milestones like getting an “A” on our school report card, career achievements, or having that dream wedding, to small daily validations like compliments or the number of “likes” on our social media posts…

… these things make us feel good about ourselves and can give us a false sense of high self-esteem. But in reality, this high self-esteem is a mere illusion pegged to an external source. And when that external source disappears, the illusion comes shattering down.

Being In Debt

A Failed Promotion


A Betrayal

A Divorce

Getting Fired

And any other type of adversity that removes the external validation our self worth relied on…

… can leave us feeling broken or worthless.

It can even make us feel like life has become meaningless or without a strong sense of purpose.

So what can you do to survive and thrive the inevitable ups and downs of life?

True Fulfillment Comes from TRUE Self-Esteem

Those with a healthy self-esteem are courageous, resilient, and optimistic — qualities that lead one to experience true fulfillment in life no matter what challenges they need to tackle. Unlike an illusionary high self-esteem, this healthy self-esteem stems from being connected with their TRUE self-esteem from WITHIN.

True self-esteem is like a formidable tree whose strength comes from its own roots, not from being propped up by an external source.

And just like the tree with strong roots that can weather the storms and beautifully thrive in the different seasons of life, being connected with your TRUE self-esteem will be your source of strength to handle whatever life throws at you with courage, resilience, and optimism.

Being connected with your TRUE self-esteem also gives you the foundation to grow in whatever direction you choose with courage and a strong sense of self, until your goals come into fruition and your dreams bloom.

This is why connecting to your TRUE self-esteem will turn you into a magnet for your dream life!

So, are you ready to turn around any aspect of your life by connecting to your TRUE self-esteem? Lucia Giovannini is ready to guide you step-by-step when you join her on an intimate 4-week quest, 4 Secrets of Unstoppable Self-Esteem.

Activate Your Dream Life with the
4 Secrets of Unstoppable Self-Esteem

Join Lucia on a 4-week adventure of self-discovery, inspiration, growth,
transformation, and support to revolutionize a loving relationship with yourself!

In 4 Secrets of Unstoppable Self-Esteem, you will:

Develop Unstoppable Confidence

You will learn 4 secrets based on psychology and neuro-semantics to build an unstoppable, healthy self-esteem that dials up your confidence in everything you do.

Get Unstuck

If you’re struggling in any area of life — such as relationships, health, career, or finances — a healthy self-esteem will reveal new perspectives that gets you unstuck!

Uncover An Authentic Life

When you develop a healthy self-esteem, you’ll also become deeply connected with your authentic self so you’ll have the clarity to show up in life authentically.

Raise Your Vibrational Energy

When you develop a healthy self-esteem, you’ll raise your vibrational energy, which will make it easier to experience more flow in your life and manifest your dreams.

Start Creating the Life of Your Dreams

With newfound confidence, perspectives, clarity to show up authentically, and more flow in your life, you’ll start creating the life you’ve always dreamed of!

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Lucia Giovannini

Fondly dubbed by the European media as “the Italian Louise Hay”, Lucia Giovannini is a world-renowned sensation and former international Italian supermodel – turned transformational speaker who has authored 13 books.

Her 20 years of inspiring work through conferences and workshops globally has been inspired by growing up throughout different parts of Italy and Africa. She holds a Doctorate in Psychology and Counselling and a Bachelor in Psycho-Anthropology, and is also a Master Fire-walking Trainer, an NLP and Neuro Semantics Trainer, and a recognized international Life Coach.

In addition to being the founder of BlessYou International, Lucia is also the co-director at LUCE (Free University of Evolutionary Growth), and is the co-founder and Master Trainer of the renowned Breathwork method, ‘Life Breath’. Her work crafts a synergy between traditional psychological techniques, motivational practices, and ancient eastern rituals that turns her seminars into profound experiences for global audiences from Europe to Asia.

A Personal Message from Lucia

I used to live a life that wasn’t aligned with my soul. I was a successful international supermodel, but it all felt meaningless and my heart felt empty. So I walked away from that glamorous life to pursue my heart’s true calling.

Today, I am living the dream life that truly fulfills me. I have written self-help books and conduct workshops all over the world, which have helped to transform the thousands. I also have the freedom to be deeply involved to support animal and environmental causes that I am passionate about and truly create an impact for issues that are most meaningful to my heart.

None of this would have been possible if I didn’t have the foundation of a healthy self-esteem to pursue what my heart yearned for.

That’s why I believe that whatever your dream, or whatever you wish to improve in your life, the first step towards achieving that is revolutionising the relationship you have with yourself.

I am so excited to invite you on this 4-week journey with me to build a healthy self-esteem that will make you an unstoppable force in whatever path you choose. As you learn how to truly love yourself unconditionally, you will discover your true strength and courage that will unlock a new zest for life and new possibilities!

I look forward to being your guide on this exciting, empowering and fun journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Here’s exactly what you’ll experience in your 4-week journey, 4 Secrets of Unstoppable Self-Esteem

Week 1: Module 1 —

Reframing Self-Esteem

To begin your journey, you will understand what it really means to build a healthy self-esteem that serves you, so you can escape the dangers of a low self-esteem as well as avoid a false sense of high self-esteem.

Highlights include:

  • The quality of our life depends on what cards we are dealt, right? Wrong. Discover the real signs of low self-esteem and how it affects the quality of your life.
  • Why affirmations alone will NOT develop a healthy self-esteem. Discover a precise, scientific path to TRUE self-esteem that actually cures the underlying problem.
  • “I Love Me” Companion Workbook exercise: Understand your current state of self-esteem and lay the first foundations to revolutionise the relationship with yourself.

Week 1: Module 2 —

Reframing the Meanings We Attach

Now that you’ve reframed your understanding of self-esteem and how you relate with yourself, the next step is to reframe the meanings you attach to the different events and relationships in your life.

Highlights include:

  • Learn about what psychologists call “premature cognitive commitments” and how they affect your subconscious to limit the expression of your true self-esteem.
  • How to identify and let go of dysfunctional beliefs you have about yourself so your true self-esteem can finally step out of the shadows and shine in your authentic light.
  • “I Love Me” Companion Workbook exercise: Explore your belief system and create your own “detox ceremony” to release past negativity, conditioning beliefs, or pain.

Week 1: Module 3 —

Connecting to True Self-Esteem

You’ve released the baggage that has kept your true self-esteem hidden. In this week, you will learn to reconnect and nurture the health of your true self-esteem, so it (and you) will start to shine brightly.

Highlights include:

  • Connect to 2 sources of intrinsic self-worth that is constantly available to you and isn’t dependent on external sources.
  • The most important distinction you need to make that allows you to UNCONDITIONALLY give yourself permission to love and honour yourself.
  • “I Love Me” Companion Workbook exercise: Contact, reconnect, and play with your inner child so you can begin healing the relationship with your inner child.

Week 3: Module 4 —

The 3A’s of True Self-Esteem: Part 1

You’ve begun to scratch the surface to reveal and reconnect with your true self-esteem. In this week, you will learn how to nurture the 3A’s of true self-esteem. The 3A’s is a specific, scientific path towards true self-esteem that was first developed by Neuro-Semantics.

Highlights include:

  • A key mindset shift that helps you to love the parts of yourself you don’t like, so you can develop resilience and quickly bounce back from any setback.
  • How to leverage the true force of positive reinforcement to experience more joy, love, and abundance in your life.
  • “I Love Me” Companion Workbook exercise: A 7-day path to deeply root a healthy self-esteem in your subconscious so it becomes a natural state in your everyday life.

Week 3: Module 5 —

The 3A’s of True Self-Esteem: Part 2

This module is a meditation exercise that will walk you through to deeply experience the 3A’s of true self-esteem in every cell of your body.

Highlights include:

  • Creating an anchor in your body to accept and love yourself unconditionally.
  • Creating an anchor in your body to connect to the unlimited value of your authentic self.
  • Creating an anchor in your body to expand your potential and essence as a human being.

Week 4: Module 6 —

Solidifying Your Unstoppable Self-Esteem

In this final module, we’re going to look at how you can bring together everything you’ve learned so far, and keep it with you so you can move forward in life with unstoppable self-esteem.

Highlights include:

  • Recapping the 4 secrets of unstoppable self-esteem and how to bring it into your daily life seamlessly.
  • Easy practices which you can incorporate into your daily life that will help you solidify this new path to unstoppable self-esteem.
  • Important next steps that will allow your new healthy self-esteem to become a vehicle that transforms multiple areas of your life.

PLUS: 5 Bonuses with a Total Value of €100

Bonus 1

Guided Affirmation Meditation

  • Bite-sized yet powerful reflection exercises designed to heal the deepest layers of your self-esteem, so you can develop an unstoppable, healthy self-esteem.

Bonus 2

Guided Releasing Meditation

  • This guided meditation will help you release difficult thoughts, self-judgments, fears, negative beliefs, and past pain that’s holding you back.

Bonus 3

“I Love Me” Companion Workbook

  • Bite-sized yet powerful reflection exercises designed to heal the deepest layers of your self-esteem, so you can develop an unstoppable, healthy self-esteem.

Bonus 4

A Private Community of Support

  • You’ll be invited into Lucia’s private A Whole New Life Facebook group with like-minded people where you can comfortably share your toughest issues in a safe space and support each other.

Bonus 5

Self-Love Screensaver Collection

  • Strengthen your self-love muscle daily with our gorgeous collection of 7 screensavers with self-love affirmations and reminders.


Patricia J. Crane

Ph.D. Author, Master Trainer- Heal Your Life® Training in Louise Hayʼs philosophy, Hay’s philosophy, San Diego, CA USA

Lucia Giovannini has masterfully brought together her unique personal experiences, examples of her clientsʼ paths of change, scientific studies, a variety of personal growth processes, thought provoking ideas and questions, practical tools for transformation, and much more to inspire you with the possibilities for your life.

Derek Sivers

Author, Ted speaker, founder and former president of CD Baby

Wow! This is the most insightful and profound book on life and change in many many years. Clear observations, wise insights and unjudging tone, sprinkled with amazing quotes and relatable anecdotes. Very powerful. Highly recommended.

Ajit Nawalkha

Co-founder Mindvalley & Evercoach Best Selling Author LIVE BIG.

Lucia’s voice, her incredible compassion for shining the light on others is contagious. Her book A whole new life gives life and a second chance to those wanting to live beyond themselves, and she is the perfect person with her global expertise to bring this topic to the masses.

Sneha Shah

Trainer & Director, ISRA Mumbai

A Whole New Life—is a powerful journey that takes us from awareness to action. In our experience, the true key to change, is to be able to have access to different tools, that one can reach out to, whenever life comes calling. This book provides exactly that! A guide to help us year after year, to create our life of our dreams!

Chantal Smedts

Co-owner of Qlickcoaching Antwerp, Belgium

“A whole new life” will give your life a boost ! This book is full of practical and useful tips that you can apply in your daily life. Lucia is the living example of her own philosophy. Her warm personality, combined with her charisma and her dynamic working style has inspired thousands of people around the world.

Cecilia Sardeo

Co-founder of Zenward by Mindvalley

A powerful soul with a big heart, Lucia is one woman I look up to every day. Her books have been enlightening and shall remain a source-full guidance for thousands of people around the world.

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4 Secrets of Unstoappable Self-Esteem will equip you with everything you need to develop a healthy self-esteem that will raise your vibrational energy that allows you to manifest your dreams easier than ever before.

The course is easily worth €100 or more. To empower as many people as we can, we’ve reduced the price to just €99.

Your journey is backed by a 10-day money back guarantee

4 Secrets of Unstoappable Self-Esteem has been created with unconditional love to help you revolutionise the loving relationship with yourself. That’s why we back it up with an unconditional love 10-day money back guarantee.

If you’ve applied the tools and lessons available in 4 Secrets of Unstoappable Self-Esteem, and if in the unlikely scenario you did not experience any results that you’re happy with, just email us within 10 days of your purchase and we will refund your money unconditionally – no questions asked.

Here’s Everything You Get When You Click the ‘Add to Cart’ button to Enroll In 4 Secrets of Unstoappable Self-Esteem Now

  • Lifetime access to the 4-week quest designed to give you everything you need to revolutionise a loving relationship with yourself.
  • 6 video lessons spread out over 4 weeks that gently guides you to create lasting mind shifts that will transform your self-esteem.
  • Bonus 1: “I Love Me” Companion Workbook designed heal the deepest layers of your self-esteem.
  • Bonus 2: A private community of support where you can comfortably share your toughest issues in a safe space.
  • Bonus 3: Self-Love Screensaver Collection to strengthen your self-love muscle daily.
  • Bonus 4: A private community of support where you can comfortably share your toughest issues in a safe space.
  • Bonus 5: Self-Love Screensaver Collection to strengthen your self-love muscle daily.
  • An unconditional 10-day money-back guarantee

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