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Spirituality, Vitality and Wellbeing

The Spiritual Journey to Rediscover The Value of Your Life

A Whole New Journey outside and inside you to bring Balance and Energy in the body,Peace in the mind, Connection in the heart.

8 days immersed in the wonderful nature of a new Thailand to purify and regenerate and rekindle the light that is in you!

We all have a flame burning within us, capable of illuminating every aspect of our lives.
Some people seem to excel more than others in the art of living, but they are not given a special gift, This special gift has been given to all of us…

“There are journeys you make with one piece of luggage: the heart.”

Audrey Hepburn

Stopping and connecting to one’s heart allows the light within us to shine

In ancient cultures around the world, seeking one’s mission in life meant having the key to entering the spiritual realms.This research took the form of a retreat into nature or a pilgrimage. Through these extraordinary inner journeys, the sacred visions revealed the personal mission and purpose of life of those who set out to discover

Are you ready to go through this research?

This trip is dedicated to you…

that you are ready to become the best version of yourself, that nurtures within the heart the desire to learn a new lifestyle that allows you to re-connect with your true essence to you, who are ready to shine.

Participating in “All Another Journey: Spirituality, Vitality and Well-Being in Thailand” will allow you to let go of the past to learn to value the only time that can give life to your dreams and your desires: the present moment.

Daily worries at home and at work, keeping up with technology, raising a family, make it difficult to calm the mind and open the heart

That’s why very few people really understand what forces have motivated their lives or shaped their destiny……that’s why we’ve forgotten how to listen to messages in the winds and how to learn wisdom from trees….that’s why this journey will be so special: a new point of arrival from which to start again

A path of personal growth combined with a dream holiday, to rejuvenate the body and mind, letting go of the stress, worries and accumulated anxiety

Prepare to return home full of peace and joy associated with an endless source of well-being.

Where did the idea of creating
A Whole New Journey come from?

This journey stems from the need for a return to the essentiality of our lives with a deep connection to the primordial elements.

Sun, Air, Earth, Sky, Silence will lead us back to the deep desires of our heart. You will be immersed in nature and it is through nature that changes in consciousness will begin to occur

Old memories will come to the surface to be resolved, to let go of the fear and to bring out a new sense of life. Healing massages and steam baths will rebalance and detoxify the energy lines of your body.Prayers and meditations, visits to sacred temples in the Thai forests in the company of mantras sung by Theravada monks and blessing ceremonies will help you to enlighten your spirit and gain renewed awareness.

We need to reconnect with our spirit, with the energy of the life that dwells in each of us, and that we too often forget to honor.

Inside you have a beautiful world yet to be discovered……and a new awareness to acquire in order to return home with a new way of looking at life and yourself.

“We are literally in love with Thailand, its nature, its temples, its culture, its sun, its food, its spirituality, its people. It rarely happens that so many magnificent and profound things are available in one place. We have chosen to share in this seminar our experience and our way of living and interpreting day by day the island of Phuket so that others can also perceive the same magic and bring it into their lives.”

A course to regenerate yourself and learn new ways of thinking and being for :

  • Gain more awareness and become the best version of yourself
  • Learning a new way of life
  • Re-connect with your true essence and inner strength
  • Know and learn to value yourself
  • Learn to let go of the past
  • Develop a strong spiritual, physical and mental connection
  • Learning to love you through food, acquiring a new perception of the food with which we nourish our body and spirit
  • Experience a profound sense of joy, satisfaction and well-being

A Whole new Journey: :
the experiences you will live

  • Daily meditation sessions
  • We will discover how to start the day with the practice of Chi-kung and Tai-chi and how it allows us to acquire strength and focus
  • You will learn the “All one more life” method through your daily teachings.
  • Experience a traditional therapeutic massage in an old specialized center
  • Breathwork session in the water
  • 2 therapeutic massages per person in two traditional Phuket massage centres
  • Forest edge steam bath soaked in medicinal herbs/li>
  • You will live the profound experience of the blessing ceremony (at least one, in conjunction with the phases of the moon)
  • Meetings with Theravada Buddhist monks at temples.
  • Visit to the famous “temple of the forest” in the area of Krabi and the temple of the Mountain in the bay of Pang Nga.
  • Visit to the national park of Layan beach
  • In addition to enjoying relaxation on the beach and in the forest and sea baths there will be 2 special surprise trips

“O man! Travel from yourself to yourself.”

Discover how to learn to look at the world with new eyes, how to be able to feel and live with renewed energy and strength, how to re-connect to yourself and the world.

Spirituality, Vitality and Wellness is the search for love, for ourselves and for the world in which we live, is the key to regaining awareness of the true value of our lives.

They say about this course

I have lived the course / holiday with the ASSENSA from expectations … the result ??? I traveled to the borders with reality .. everything was there exactly where and how it should be, at the right point .. the smells … the images … the sensations … the awareness … the tears and the joy shared in one and a thousand more hugs …

Stefania Bartolotti


A powerful mix of everything that makes Life a journey of Love: sharing the beautiful, the sacred, being fragile and strong at the same time, all in continuous discovery of different places and times and recognizable as typical of humanity All guided by the continuous and loving attentions and inspirations of Lucia and Nicola who with skill, elegance and profound professionalism always know where to get to each other. Donatella

Donatella Ariotti


A powerful inner journey, guided step by step on a path of unprecedented awareness and growth. “Spirituality, Vitality, Wellness” has represented for me a watershed journey, facilitating the achievement of a new version of myself that deeply corresponds to who I really am, and what I really want. The dose of energy that you get from this “passage” is endless, I will always carry it with me! Thanks Bless You!



Thanks to you for giving me the opportunity to visit a wonderful country like Thailand with my daughter in complete safety has been a fantastic adventure that has enriched me spiritually making me stronger and more serene. Patrizia

Patrizia Ballarin


Dear Lucia and Nicola. How nice it was to meet you and take part in the course in Thailand. I took home so many beautiful ideas and resolutions that I’m finding the time to implement them. Nicola’s suggestions are precious. What I liked: the practicality of the advice, the dedication, the organization, the variety of experiences, the massages. I’m listening to the videos recorded by Lucia. What a good … excellent exposure, clear, the flow of minds as simple as mine, practical advice that follow the exposures, the examples. I’m enthusiastic about it. I also received my gift: an hourglass. Nothing more suitable for me, see the time flow and give it value and not waste it. Incredible that my gift has been so centered. There is magic. Good you who knew how to create it. A hug to you,

Alberzo Zamperla


I left home a little massacred and I returned from the trip in full joy and inner peace .. the journey in the inner journey ….. thanks again …. “FRANCA CAMPOLI

Franca Campoli

(Veroli – Fr)

This course has helped me to read in, the proposed activities have given me a guide to make peace with myself and love my wonderful imperfection and fallibility, Lucia and Nicola were present and indispensable along this intense and full of emotions, the staff and classmates a perfect corollary of emotions, exchange, gift. I come out enriched and grateful. Ilaria, Geneva



This course was my first real opportunity to be with myself for 8 full days! I believe it never happened to me! I had difficulty and resistance but it was a unique feeling. I “lightened” myself from weights and tensions without even realizing it. I felt confidence grow in me like a small flower that shyly wants to bloom but is strong of a light that had never felt on me. I thank everyone for having been there and obviously Lucia and Nicola for allowing me to “be finally seen” by a person I really want to love. Lorna herself


“A powerful mix of everything that makes Life a journey of Love: sharing the beautiful, the sacred, being fragile and strong at the same time, all in continuous discovery of different places and times and recognizable as typical of humanity All guided by the continuous and loving attentions and inspirations of Lucia and Nicola who with skill, elegance and profound professionalism always know where to get to each other

Donatella Ariotti


I feel regenerated, it was a week full of emotions, some effort, moments of emotion … process everything will take some time, for the moment I feel richer. Lucia and Nicola can, tell you only thank you !! Thank you for the attention and encouragement you have given to everyone with competence and humanity. I hope there are other possibilities for study with you.


A double wonderful journey. The interior that is represented by the exterior with its areas of light and shadow. A different path every day that has led to live strong emotions, energetically reloading the body, finding peace in the mind and connecting with the heart. Thank you, Lucia and Nicola! Thanks to the whole group.


Un viaggio da rifare alla scoperta di nuove amicizie e nuovi percorsi di vita. Miglior regalo non potevo fare a me stessa! Oltre che una piacevolissima vacanza alla scoperta di luoghi, usi e costumi di un popolo a me poco conosciuto, la partecipazione al corso “Spiritualità, Vitalità e Benessere 2014” ha offerto tanti nuovi stimoli e guidato verso una maggiore e sempre nuovo consapevolezza di me stessa. Lucia e Nicola, ottimi organizzatori nel rendere il nostro soggiorno il più confortevole possibile, sono due amabili compagni di viaggio e con la loro inesauribile energia, simpatia, semplicità, riescono a trasmettere, nel loro lavoro, tanto amore e passione per la vita… Con profonda gratitudine.


This course served me to take the first step on the very long road of trust. Thanks again.


Un viaggio che aiuta ad acquisire strumenti semplici ed efficaci da portare nella vita quotidiana come tutti gli altri corsi BlessYou. Ovviamente farlo in ambienti di questo tipo aumenta la facilità della connessione con noi stessi e con la natura e con gli altri. Farla in coppia con mio marito è stata una crescita bellissima per entrambi e partiamo con la voglia di fare tante cose insieme. Mi sembra di essere qui da una vita e di conoscere da sempre i miei compagni di viaggio. Grazie, ci vediamo l’anno prossimo!


Dear Lucia and Nicola, thank you for the beautiful days spent together, I am a person of few words but I have a heart full of gratitude and love for all you have done to make this wonderful journey unforgettable. I already book for next year!


L’atmosfera speciale che si è creata, l’organizzazione amorevole che avete messo per rendere “speciale” questo corso. Un viaggio all’interno di se stessi che entra e conta fino alla fine dei propri giorni sulla terra. Siete unici!!


A big thank you! To the love that you could breathe every day next to you. Thank you for all the delicacies and kindnesses you have given me. I am sincerely grateful for all I have had during these wonderful 9 days. This course pushed me to look at myself. I found you the happy little girl I was. And I understood that it is up to me to bring it back together with the adult woman who has gained wisdom and awareness in life.


Un viaggio che ci ha permesso di rinascere l’uno nelle braccia dell’altro, che ci ha dato la possibilità di condividere nuove emozioni e di rafforzare il nostro essere e stare insieme.

Leslye and Fabio

The work you did was great … and it progresses within me with an intense and deep force !!


A unique experience that can fill the soul and the body with pure LOVE and GRATITUDE and thereby transform one’s life. First teaching that life is made of many small emotions, businesses and joys and that this must be our method of measurement to be happy. Two words for Lucia and Nicola: you are simply and immensely LOVE and LIGHT. Thank you very much for everything, you are special! With immense love.


The love that you have transmitted to us and which has become a link with the group. Return home with all this abundance. Thank you!


A unique experience that combines personal growth and sharing in lightness and depth. To be done at least once in your life, because after you are no longer the same.


Mi ha aiutato ad aumentare la consapevolezza di come è tutto magico intorno a noi: l’universo, le persone, le situazioni, di come tutto è come deve essere quando si è nel cammino della consapevolezza. Grazie!


I left full of sadness and full of insecurities; in front of my eyes only dark. Now spring has blossomed in me, I am rich in love and my eyes full of light.


A course of profound inner transformation from which all our fears come out and, discovering them, we can face and resolve them. Thank you!


E’ farsi un regalo, regalarsi due settimane in un luogo dove ricaricarsi e potersi concentrare su se stessi, senza giudizio, senza influenze esterne e attorniati da persone meravigliose che fanno lo stesso cammino e condividono gioie e difficoltà in un supporto amorevole che è difficile trovare in altre realtà.


It was a crazy experience, a journey to discover myself, to share with wonderful people like me who have a great desire to change and improve their lives. And then Lucia and Nicola, two wonderful souls who took care of me / us and helped me giving me peace and immense love. Thank you! This experience has changed my life, they should do it all !! Thank you!


Nicola e Lucia i migliori per farti vivere un’esperienza unica e di grande utilità per la tua crescita personale! Grazie di cuore…Vi voglio un mare di bene!!


I thank Lucia and Nicola for accompanying me gently inside of me. I was expecting anything else … and I rediscover how beautiful it is to love and reflect love in the universe. Thank you!


This was the most significant holiday of my life. Discovering fundamental aspects of me through the exercises of this course gave a strong boost to my spiritual growth. I come home with some answers and lots of new questions and especially with the desire to discover other sides of me and, using the tools received during the course, become the best possible person.


E’ un corso fantastico! L’anno scorso ho ritrovato la forza e la determinazione. Sono rientrata e la mia vita si è trasformata. Quest’anno ho sperimentato pace mentale e amore incondizionato e ho migliorato moltissimo la relazione con me stessa. L’anno prossimo torno!”



The experience has been superior to the brightest prospects and expectations: I have never experienced such an experience in terms of emotions, love, compassion and understanding with people never known before


A unique and unforgettable course, has brought miracles into my life!



When I returned to Belgium, my friends asked me if I had a facelift. You look younger than 10 years, everyone told me. It was not easy to explain that it was the benefits of the course! Thanks to Lucia, Nicola and the staff



It had been years since I had linked so much with the people I knew on the road. Lucia and Nicola have a great ability to create an environment where everyone, regardless of nationality or age, feels at home.



This course was my rebirth. An infinite thanks to Lucia and Nicola for their love, their knowledge and their presence. Milena Italia It’s really a dream trip. And Lucia, Nicola and the staff guide you by the hand to wonderful discoveries inside and outside of you. A course to be repeated!



I received beautiful gifts from the discovery of myself during the course. Plus, it was a great honor to visit Thailand with two such exceptional guides


Stavamo pensando di separarci e grazie a questo corso la nostra coppia è rinata! Stiamo ancora usando gli esercizi e i rituali che abbiamo imparato e, nonostante le sfide della vita, ci sentiamo ogni giorno più vicini. Grazie!

Stefano and Ilaria

Stavamo pensando di separarci e grazie a questo corso la nostra coppia è rinata! Stiamo ancora usando gli esercizi e i rituali che abbiamo imparato e, nonostante le sfide della vita, ci sentiamo ogni giorno più vicini. Grazie!

Stefano and Ilaria

Lucia Giovannini


The first memories of my life are set in Africa, where I lived most of my childhood and adolescence, immersed in the pain and beauty of that unforgettable land.
In Europe I then worked as a model but, having reached the peak of my career, I left everything behind.
Too strong was the call to interiority, to the essential values ​​of life, the desire to try to improve the conditions of every living being and contribute to the evolution of this planet is too great .
From this comes my passion and profession.


Doctorate in Psychology and Counseling
Bachelor in PsychoAntropology
Master Trainer of Firewalking
Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Neuro-Semantics (US ISNS)
Certified Coach (ACMC Usa)
Breathwork Master Trainer
Member of the American Psychological Association.


Teacher teacher Louise Hay method for Italy, Italian Switzerland, Singapore and Thailand, is often defined by the media: “the Italian Louise Hay”.
Founder of the Tutta tutto vita vita®, co-founder of BlessYou !, co-director of the NLP School and Coaching LUCE® Libera University of Evolution and of the Italian Institute of Neuro-Semantics, coordinator of Western Europe of the Facilitators of the Labyrinth Veriditas USA.

Author of over 10 books including the best sellers, translated into several languages: “All another life”, “I deserve the best”, “Free your life”, “The raw is served”, “Smoothie and Eaten” and numerous CDs and DVDs, which have helped thousands of people live better.
In his work a particular synergy between psychology techniques, motivational practices and ancient rituals is triggered, making his seminars something unique and original.
It is constantly sought by groups and companies because of its powerful seminars and known for the clarity, sincerity and inspiration of its formidable work.
“I’ve always tried to improve myself and the life of those around me: people, animals, the planet. I have always worked for the rights of those who have no voice, a commitment taken as a child under the sky of Africa, a promise that, every day, I am happy to honor. “

Nicola Riva


As a child I was curious and a dreamer, and like many I thought I would be an astronaut when I grew up.
Growing up I studied and gained experience in various fields, until when I was thirty, I felt the need to know deeply who I was, what my real talents were and how I could express them to develop my greater self.
Having done it on me, obtaining results that I would never have imagined before, I decided to put my knowledge also at the service of others.
Today, helping people realize is my passion, and profession. I get up every morning to challenge the status quo so people can make a difference in their personal and professional lives.


Degree in Law
Doctorate in Psychology-Counseling
Master Trainer of Firewalking
Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Neuro-Semantics (ISNS) and Executive Coach (ACMC)
Rebirther professional
Advanced Teacher Louise Hay
Black belt 1st dan of Karate and Tai-Chi


Technical-scientific consultant of the University of Padua, Department of Economics
Teaching for Il Sole 24 ORE (Training24Ore) of negotiation and communication courses
International Affiliate of the American Psychological Association (APA)
Co-founder of BlessYou!
Co-director of the NLP School and Coaching LUCE® Free University of Evolutionary Growth
Co-director of the Italian Institute of Neuro-Semantics
Author of “Easy Negotiation” Sperling & Kupfer editions

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A perfect combination of a dream trip and a rich and enjoyable personal growth path, discovering the magic of the Orient.


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